Hello, I'm Debbie

founder, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

I am a nationally registered, certified personal trainer who specializes in several areas of exercise. When I am not training or lifting, you can find me with my husband and our dog, Sophie, at our lake house in New Hampshire, or camping in Maine. I love to swim, play tennis, dance, bike, kayak… basically, I am always on the move, looking for the next challenge! 

I began weight lifting 10 years ago after a back injury. I had always been an active person and never thought I would need, nevermind enjoy, rehabilitation exercises. But as I became educated and learned to create individualized programs, I discovered a passion for strengthening the whole self: mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

My journey inspired me to open my own facility, focusing on helping people live their best and healthiest lives. I combined my enthusiasm for powerlifting and bodybuilding with what I have studied in multiple certification courses to create PowerCore Health + Fitness: a welcoming place for people of ALL ages and abilities.


power core Health + fitness

PowerCore is a private training facility centrally located in North Eastern Massachusetts right on the New Hampshire border in the town of Pepperell, MA. We are designed for clients who desire privacy. You will be the only client in the gym with one on one attention, or a small group of your choosing. This allows you the comfort of no intimidation or distractions in order to concentrate on getting everything you deserve out of your time spent in the gym.

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Client testimonials

I had chronic constant recurring back pain, caused from a fall, that made it hard for me to do everyday tasks. I couldn't believe how quickly after I started working out at PowerCore my back was fine, I no longer have to take any pain pills!!
They used exercises that mimic everyday movements, so with the one on one training they made sure I was performing all the movements properly which I applied into my daily life. Powercore gave me freedom of movement to do everything I want to in life.


Debbie is very professional, takes the time to answer questions and provide the appropriate treatment. She provides a treatment tailored to the client. Would highly recommend this business.

Patty Bergeron

"Deb is a wonderful trainer regardless of your age or ability, She is a professional master teacher dedicated to helping you achieve your best self whether you are competing or recovering from an injury. I have worked with her for 2 years and I love her approach to training."


Debbie is a great fitness coach and nutritionist for anyone who is focused on improving their health, rehabilitation, strength, or any other fitness goals! Her credentials completely back this up. More importantly, in my opinion, the manner that she coaches and the private fitness facility that she coaches in provide a comfortable individualized setting to make progress in!

Mike Shepard

"I was severely obese with type 2 diabetes. Walking up and down stairs was unbearable. My main goal was to become healthy enough to have a healthy pregnancy.

With her guidance in nutrition and training, I dropped 40lbs and became pre-diabetic. I'm able to walk up and down stairs without any pain. This summer, I literally hiked moderate to expert mountain trails weekly with my 6-month daughter on my back.

I'm beyond grateful to Debbie. I got my life back because she supported me 100%."

Jessica Adams-Kretovic

My wife (W) has tried different trainers and fitness methods, but Debbie is the best, by far.

W struggles with severe depression. Medication + therapy helps, but I would say her time training with Debbie is the single greatest contributor to her mental well being.

I could never put a price on the quality of life improvements W enjoys thanks to Debbie's unwavering support. I got my happy W back.

Michael Kretovic