How is One on One training different with you then in a commercial gym?

There are pros and cons to both, but one of the main differences is at PowerCore, you are in a private facility with no one else. There are no distractions for your trainer or for you. You will never follow a generalized session or group workout, everything is designed just for you. If you are doing weight training, your specific rest periods are a huge part of your workout, so you never have to wait for weights or let people cut in, keeping your session right on for your goals. Some gyms limit your success to get you to keep coming in order to make as much money as possible. I am very small and exclusive so I educate you to be able to manage your own health and fitness.

Is rehabilitation exercise the same a physical therapy?

No, there is one key difference. Physical therapy focuses on one specific area of the body, whereas rehabilitation exercise looks at the entire body to help prevent and lessen areas of pain. I use this much more holistic approach to health. For example, if you are experiencing back pain, I will look at the entire body to see what is aggravating the muscles, such as the way you stand or sit. Bad habits can cause chronic pain that would continue to bother you if we only targeted the symptom, not the source, of your discomfort.

I noticed you don’t have a lot of machines?

Yes, and there is a very good reason! Free weights are more productive and effective for strength training, functional training, and rehabilitation exercise. Your form is locked-in when using a machine, so there is no stability or balance required to the movement. There is no real training needed with that type of exercise. You don't want to pay a trainer to just watch you move a machine.

How do we book you?

Let me start by saying... YAY! Health is the gift you give yourself for longevity. I can't wait to work with you.

Now the specifics: The first step is reaching out using the Contact tab above. I will respond to your message within 24-48 hours to set up a consultation. We will chat, either in person or over the phone, about your specific goals and come up with a fitness plan that is best for you. Facility tours or trial sessions are available on request. As long as your desired day and time is open, you can start your training immediately!

How far out do you schedule?

There are no long term contracts. We will create a schedule designed to reach your goals, typically 2-3 times per week, on a monthly basis. You can commit for as long or short of a time period as you'd like (though long-term scheduling ensures your days and times are reserved without interruption). I teach how to hit your goals then you decide how long you want to stay and learn. When you are ready to move on, you'll be able to manage your own health and fitness.

Do I Need to Bring Anything with Me?

The PowerCore facility is designed to meet your needs, including drinking water, so you only need to bring yourself!

That said, here are a few recommendations:
- Appropriate work out clothes should be worn, including moveable fabrics and sneakers.
- Belts and wraps are provided in limited sizes so feel free to bring your own.
- Any unique equipment that you need for your mobility or health should always come with you, as well as any specific medications for emergency needs (such as an epi-pen or inhaler).

Can my spouse/partner/friend train with me?

Absolutely! Sharing goals and committing to a health routine together will help you stay motivated. Programs are still personalized to each individual, and for that reason I can only accommodate small groups up to 3 people. Couples sessions start at $70. Contact me to discuss details.

Are there any age restrictions?

Short answer is NO. PowerCore welcomes people of all ages and abilities. Any person under 18 needs to have parent permission and/or presence at my discretion.

Why is a personalized session so important?

Everyone has different goals and are at different levels. To be guaranteed safety and success, your workout sessions should be designed specifically to you.

What do you consider the most important thing to look for in a training program?

I love this question! Whether you choose PowerCore or are working out on your on, there are definitely some things to look for.

Safety and form are most important always. It should never hurt, tightness and burning will occur but you should never feel pain. Make sure it is to your level, it is good to be challenged but never beyond something you can manage, you never want to get injured. Your sessions should be directed to your personal goals not the general public. You want a trainer who listens to you and understands your abilities and what you are looking to accomplish. You don’t want to be just placed on a machine; although machines are good for isolation work, a complete workout should include functional movement.

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